Rapid Spray Poly Cartage Tanks

Poly has proven itself to be a durable and dependable material. Its impact-resistant quality makes it the ideal alternative to traditional heavy and rustling steel tanks and fibreglass tanks. Our fleet of cartage tanks has been chosen by TWS Hire for their performance in real-world applications. If you are looking for liquid transport tanks you can rely on, choose Rapid Spray Poly Cartage Tanks. Learn more about our potable water tanks with this video from TWS Hire.

Suitable for potable Water

All of the cartage tanks carried by Rapid Spray are food-grade and suitable to hold potable drinking water. Our tanks have been UV-stabilised to ensure that mould and mildew do not form inside the cartage. Every mobile water tank has a 15-year warranty so you can rest assured that your water delivery business will be well-supported.

Suitable for potable Water

Ball Baffle System

For a driving experience that is free of the slosh and surge of liquid, use the Ball Baffle System we offer for any cartage tank in our selection. All of our mobile water tanks for sale are safe and stable. This attention to detail and quality is reflective of Rapid Spray’s dedication to our customers. To learn more about our Ball Baffle System, watch this video to see it in action.


600LWater Cartage Tank RTC11901050 735
1000L1000L Water Cartage Tank RTC13501200900
1500L1500L Water Cartage Tank RTC170013501050
2000L2000L Water Cartage Tank RTC200014201070
3000L3000L Cartage Tank RTC234015201200
5000L5000L Water Cartage Tank RTC279020001400
7000L7000L Water Cartage Tank RTC325019201640
10000L10000L Water Cartage Tank RTC360022501850
13000L13000L Water Cartage Tank RTC400023501900
15000L15000L Water Cartage Tank RTC400023502120

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry