200L DieselPod Refuelling Unit

A brand new economical diesel refuelling pod with auto nozzle, 40L/min DieselFlo pump and 4m of hose to make refuelling on the go easy and quick.


With easy access pump and nozzle (which can be padlocked for security), the DieselPod is compact, available in a range of sizes to meet every budget and requirement.


  • 200L diesel grade poly tank
  • 40L/min 12V DieselFlo pump
  • Spill and dust proof breather – cleaner fuel
  • 2 inch filler and cap
  • Auto shut-off nozzle
  • 4m x 20mm delivery hose
  • 4m battery cables
  • Earth strap.


Please call 1800 011 000 to confirm stock availability.


  35 kg
  800L x 680W x 710H mm
SKU #DSU0200ALD040V1

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 800 × 680 × 710 mm


Can I walk away from my diesel tank while pumping?

No. If you leave your pump and your tank runs dry, it will ruin the pump. The pump requires the lubrication from the diesel to pump efficiently. This is not covered by warranty.

Can the way battery clips are installed impact the running of the pump?

Yes. If you install the battery clips on backwards, this makes the pump run backwards, breaking the vanes inside the pumping house. This will ruin the pump and not covered under warranty.

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