20200 FlexConnex V1 Baffled Modular Tank System

Now available in two versions to give you more options and greater flexibility, our FlexConnex Modular Tank System is an innovative liquid transport system with limitless possibilities.


  • Tough Australian made poly modular tank with 15-year warranty
  • Unique two way baffle system limits both longitudinal and sideways movement resulting in maximum fluid stability
  • Compartmentalised in 10 x 2000L sections to allow for cartage of different fluids, and individual tank section drainage, or can be linked together to allow equalised filling and draining
  • 225mm internal diameter high flow joiner allows rapid fluid transfer between sections
  • Specially engineered tapered seal fitting allows internal movement of joiner without leaking
  • Reliable and secure pin mounting system on each module
  • FlexConnex technology allows movement between sections to eliminate stresses caused by truck chassis movement.


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  1300 kg
  8545L x 2160W x 1680H mm

Additional information

Weight 1300 kg
Dimensions 8545 × 2160 × 1680 mm