250L Marshal Pro | 50m Buddy Smart Reel

*Boom control kit not pictured.


The Boom Ready Marshal Pro stands out from the rest as a powerful compact spray unit built for the UTV / ATV. With a high performance pump and motor set-up and Buddy Smart Auto Reel, the Marshal Pro is a dynamic and robust sprayer.


  • 250L Marshal Pro UV-stabilised poly tank with 15-year warranty
  • 33 litre/min 580psi Maruyama pump with 3-year warranty
  • Honda GX200 motor with 3-year warranty
  • Boom control kit
  • Buddy Smart Reel with 50m x 10mm hose
  • 3-way regulator and gauge
  • Turbo 400 Spray Gun
  • Suction filter with auto shut-off
  • Powder coated steel pump plate
  • 250mm screw lid w/ basket filter
  • Anti-spill lip around lid
  • Front drain bung
  • New mounting feet for complete drainage and safe loading included.


The Marshal Pro is assembled to your order. To confirm lead time please contact us or visit your local dealer.


SKU #SU0250AL0330R5BR


Is this product made in Australia?

Yes! This tank is made in New South Wales, Australia and comes with a 15-year tank warranty.

Is this sprayer compatible with boom spraying?

Yes, the Flat Fold Boom is a compatible booms for this unit. The nozzles can be replaced for different spray patterns/coverage depending on your requirements. This can be used for weed control or fertiliser spray.