Australia's Toughest
Water Cartage Trailers

Tried and tested water trailers for water transport, firefighting, tree watering, dust suppression, machine cleaning, and more

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Designed & Made in Australia

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Rust Proof

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On Farm Water Trailers

Drive with confidence over rough and uneven terrains when you use it for tree watering, stock water transfer, or cleaning

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Road Registerable Water Trailers

ADR-compliant trailers with built-in waterproof LED lights and hydraulic over-ride brakes

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Slip-on Water Carts

Ideal choice for efficient water transport, firefighting, dust suppression, landscaping, and civil works when you already have tipper trucks and tray trucks



Tank Sizes: 2,000L – 12,000L

Don't Know Which Water Trailer is Best for You?

Lightweight and Rust Proof

Poly tanks are the best alternative to traditional steel and fiberglass tanks! You can increase the truck payload and they are much easier to work with - no welding and special mounting required.

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15-Year Full Tank Warranty

Unlike other tanks covered with pro-rata or partial warranty where the value of your purchase decrease over time, we repair or replace defective products within the warranty period - free of charge.

Proudly Australian Made

Rapid Spray specialises in manufacturing poly tanks for over 25 years. We only use the best poly enhanced with our unique in-built Flexi-Link technology giving our tanks the strength and flex to handle those truck chassis twists and movements that happen in tough operating conditions.

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