active diesel tanks

Designed for transport, our poly Active Diesel Tanks are built strong with the ability to flex and handle stresses from chassis movement.

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the toughest tanks

For over 20 years Rapid Spray has been manufacturing the toughest poly diesel tanks on the market. Manufactured with diesel grade poly which complies with International Regulation ECE R34.01, we back our diesel tanks with an impressive 15-year warranty!

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multi-function 'no spills fill' tank lid system

Our tank lid systems incorporate an innovative and unique splash resistant breather system, pad-lockable filler cap with strainer and anit-loss chain, spill containment lip, removable plate to allow access to the tank and an earth strap to prevent static build up.

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Secure pin mount system

Your Active Diesel Tank comes standard with FREE pins to use for secure mounting of your tank to any flat surface. The pin mount system is a proven secure and reliable mounting system and is used to secure transport tanks as large as 15,000L.


optional add-on


The Ball Baffle is a liquid load baffling solution for increasing load stability and reducing wear and tear in all types of transport tanks. Ball baffles clip together to form a hollow sphere that is inserted inside the tank to break up liquid waves and prevent them from creating a dangerous surge effect when a vehicle is braking or change direction.

find out more about the active diesel tank range

Want to know more about the Active Diesel Tank range? Our team of specialists can answer all your questions and help you choose the right tank for your application and diesel requirements. Leave us a message below, and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

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