Introducing the Marshal Pro - an unbeatable compact field sprayer offering you the power you want with the mobility you need!

Take your spraying to the next level with a Buddy Smart Reel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCwRbQ5nEaw&t=6s


Prepare for a bumper spring spraying season with huge savings across our sprayer range in the Spring Specials - valid from the 27th August through to 30th November!

24V Chapin Backpack now only $397! The 24V Chapin Backpack is the ideal sprayer for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.


Keep public spaces or your home free from the infectious Coronavirus with the Rapid Spray Disinfectant sprayer range! Ergonomic design, large spray capacity, durable and great for use with any cleaning or disinfectant agent.

Marshal Buddy Disinfectant Sprayer Effectively remove build up and spray disinfectant with the Buddy Disinfectant Sprayer

The Spraying & Weed Control Specialists

The all-new SprayScout is living proof that any weed can be tamed. Made with lightweight materials, it can be easily placed on a UTV, meaning that you’ll be able to get to all those hard to reach spots, eliminating weeds at their source.

Ray gets armed with the SprayScout It's time to unleash the SprayScout and take back control today!

Designed to Perform Better

Rapid Spray specialises in supplying innovative spray equipment to the industrial and agricultural markets in Australia. For over 20 years, we have been offering a broad range of Australian designed and manufactured spray machines.

The Buddy Smart Reel Ray underestimates but inadvertently demonstrates the incredible range and ingenuity of the Buddy Smart Reel.

Your Reliable Supplier of Spray Equipment

Since the early 90s, Rapid Spray has been operating with the desire to innovate agricultural spray equipment in Australia. Our company founder, Michael Firth, moved from civil engineering to manufacturing farm equipment that make the lives of farmers easier and the work more efficient.

We offer many types of small to medium spray machines that are attached on trailer trucks. Our spray equipment is designed for transporting water and other liquids to different areas on the field. We also manufacture fire fighting products that are ideal for extinguishing fire on farm lands. We sell our products through our network of trusted dealers and distributors nationwide.

View our range of spray equipment below.

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