UTV's are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for many people wanting to get around their properties fast and safely. With the added benefits of being able to carry large loads while easily traversing any terrain is unparalleled. With Australia's propensity towards deep gullys and hard to reach places, weed control is no easy task. Making sure you have the right utv sprayer to suit your UTV is paramount.

Our units are designed compact to fit within the dimensions of the UTV tray on the most popular of UTV vehicles. All our units are below a width of 1100mm and with most UTV trays being a width of over 1300mm, this allows for the sprayer to sit snugly but with room for extra tools or chemicals. Our lightweight units also benefit as most UTV's have a certain Payload Capacity which is the total weight the UTV can carry taking into consideration the sprayer, extra tools and vehicle operators.