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the proof is in the performance

Independent testing has demonstrated the Ball Baffle system reduces braking distances by up to 46%!

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Not just for water!

Ball Baffles are suitable for use with all tanks including poly, steel, fibreglass and aluminium and are made from food grade quality material making them suitable for potable water transport. They can also be used with diesel and other liquids

Not just for water!

Improved driver control

The Rapid Spray Ball Baffle system provides dramatic improvement in handling predictability and driver control. With shorter braking distances, enjoy reduced maintenance costs through less mechanical wear and tear on your vehicle

Improved driver control


Code Ball Baffle size Quantity Liquid displacement weight
ARB195 195mm 1 Ball Baffle per 7 litres of tank capacity Displaces 150ml per ball Dry weight 126 grams per ball
ARB355 355mm 1 Ball Baffle per 40 litres of tank capacity Displaces 428ml per ball Dry weight 478 grams per ball

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry