Solution for Safety

The Rapid Spray Ball Baffle System provides dramatic improvement in handling predictability and driver control & is a common requirement for tankers on mine sites & council works due to how much safer the Ball Baffle System makes your load.
Watch this video showing the testing and see the difference yourself!

Full baffling

Ball Baffles offer superior liquid stability to fixed baffle systems as the Ball Baffle System baffles the whole tank and acts like a honeycomb inside your tank whereby the liquid movement is very quickly stopped by a part of the Ball Baffle

Reduces maintenance costs

With shorter braking distances, enjoy reduced maintenance costs through less mechanical wear and tear on your vehicle. Feel the difference yourself & you’ll notice less wear on yourself as the driver of what now feels like a fixed load!


Codeball baffle sizequantity
ARB195195mm1 Ball Baffle per 7 litres of tank capacity
ARB355355mm1 Ball Baffle per 40 litres of tank capacity

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry