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Make it a Buddy Marshal!

Get the most out of your Marshal Plus Sprayer by choosing the Buddy Marshal Units with the Buddy Smart Reel to save you time and effort!

Check out Rapid Spray Ray’s video on the Buddy Smart Reels!

Adjustable Pressure

The Marshal Plus boasts adjustable spraying pressure options with a pressure regulator and gauge which delivered a more economical weed kill through reduced chemical use.

Adjustable Pressure

User friendly features

The Rapid Spray Marshal Plus is one of the most compact sprayers offering great features including:

  • Step-baffled tank to help reduce slosh-and-surge in the tank
  • Handy wash tank with tap*
  • In-built handles for easy loading
  • Compact space saving design, perfect fit for UTV’s
  • 15-year tank warranty, 3-year Buddy Reel warranty, 1-year pump warranty, 3-year Honda engine warranty

*Not available on all configurations.

User friendly features


Code Capacity Hose Reel Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
SU0250AL0120H 250L Manual Hose Reel 910 730 670
SU0250AL0120R5 250L Buddy Smart Reel 910 730 940
SU0400BL0120H 400L Manual Hose Reel 1440 730 700
SU0400BL0120R5 400L Buddy Smart Reel 1440 730 940

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry