250L Marshal-Q UTV Compact Sprayer

The Marshal-Q has the quietest operation in its range and is ideal for municipal spraying in noise-sensitive areas.


  • 250L step-baffled UV-stabilised tank made in Australia with 15-year warranty
  • Easy to handle with built-in carry handles
  • 12 volt 8.3 litres/min 60psi Delavan (USA) pump
  • 2-year pump warranty
  • 6m of 10mm hose on wrap
  • AHG109 PowerJet Pistol Grip Spray Gun with brass adjustable nozzle.
  • 3.6m 12V electrical leads
  • 250mm screw lid complete with basket filter
  • Anti-spill lip around lid opening
  • Compact, moulded design with in-built handles and tie-down points at front and rear
  • Front drain bung


  30 kg
  910L x 730W x 670H mm
SKU #SU0250AL0083

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions910 × 730 × 670 mm


Pump size

8.3L/min – 60PSI 12V Pump


6m Hose


Is this product made in Australia?

Yes! The tank is manufactured in New South Wales and comes with a full 15year tank warranty. The Delavan pump, made in either USA or China depending on batch comes with 2 year warranty. All other imported componentry comes with 1 year warranty. This item is assembled in New South Wales.

Is this sprayer compatible with boom spraying?

Yes, the Versatile Boom is a compatible booms for this product. The nozzles can be replaced for different spray patterns/coverage depending on your requirements. This can be used for weed control or fertiliser spray.

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