250L Marshal-Q UTV Compact Sprayer

The Marshal-Q has the quietest operation in its range and is ideal for municipal spraying in noise-sensitive areas.



  30 kg
  910L x 730W x 670H mm
SKU #SU0250AL0083

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions910 × 730 × 670 mm

No accessory, On\off remote control switch for 12v Pumps, Angled galvanised feet, On\off remote control switch for 12v Pumps and Angled galvanised feet

Upgrade Kit

No Upgrade kit, High Capacity pump Upgrade kit


No Trailer Kit, Trailer Kit


Is this product made in Australia?

Yes! The tank is manufactured in New South Wales and comes with a full 15year tank warranty. The Delavan pump, made in either USA or China depending on batch comes with 2 year warranty. All other imported componentry comes with 1 year warranty. This item is assembled in New South Wales.

Is this sprayer compatible with boom spraying?

Yes, the Versatile Boom is a compatible booms for this product. The nozzles can be replaced for different spray patterns/coverage depending on your requirements. This can be used for weed control or fertiliser spray.

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