95L RapidMix Clean Tank Sprayer | 7L Chemical Tank


Ever wanted to swap your chemical out to a different chemical in the middle of spraying? Now you can with the all new 95L RapidMix clean tank technology!


With separate chemical and main water tanks, the 95L RapidMix Sprayer mixes the chemical as they exit the spray gun meaning no more messy and wasteful pre-mixing of chemicals!


With additional chemical tanks available for purchase, you can now have multiple chemicals set up, ready to go for when you next need to spray without needing to clean your RapidMix everytime you want to change chemicals!


  • 95L main UV-stabilised translucent tank for easy viewing
  • 1 x 7L chemical concentrate tank – quick connect fittings
  • 12V 8.3L/min 60psi pump
  • 7 mixing rate settings for chemical dilution from 7 – 117ml/L
  • Flow control valve
  • Quick change between boom or spot spray
  • 12cm wide opening – mess free mixing and filling
  • Removable filter basket
  • Pressure gauge and regulator
  • Basket filter to stop debris
  • Drainage cap – quick empty
  • 4.5m reinforced hose
  • Poly spray lance with cushioned grip trigger
  • 2-year extendable warranty.


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  14 kg
  1118L x 511W x 460H mm
SKU #SVSM0095L0083

7L RapidMix Chemical Tank

Purchase additional chemical tanks so you can have multiple chemicals set up, ready to go for when you next need to spray without needing to clean your RapidMix every time you want to change chemicals!

2m Boom Spray Kit

2m spray width pattern.

5m Boomless Spray Kit

Multiple spray widths up to 5m.

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions1118 × 511 × 460 mm


Can the chemical tanks be interchangeable between the 57L and 95L different RapidMix sprayers.

No, the RapidMix chemical tanks cannot be interchangeable between the 57L and the 95L RapidMix sprayers. 5L option only suits 57L RapidMix, while the 7L only suits the 95L RapidMix

Can I attach a Versatile Boom to this spot sprayer?

Yes, you can, however the ball valve and tee on the Versatile Boom will need to be removed, and the fitting ATPXP2510S Poly 1" GHT Nut & Tail will need to need to be fitted. This can be purchased separately.

Is this sprayer compatible with boom spraying?

Yes, the Versatile Boom or 2M Boom Spray Kit are compatible booms for this product. The nozzles can be replaced for different spray patterns/coverage depending on your requirements. This can be used for weed control or fertiliser spray.