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Approved diesel grade poly

Rapid Spray use approved diesel grade poly diesel tanks to ensure our tanks are up to the job. Built tough in a wide range of sizes from 20L to 10,000L, you’ll get guaranteed long service with your Rapid Spray Diesel Tank.

Diesel Tank features

Our Rapid Spray Diesel Tanks for sale include the following:

  • Pad-lockable filler cap with strainer and anti-loss chain
  • Innovative splash resistant breather system specifically designed for diesel transport
  • Earth strap to prevent static build-up
  • Removable plate allowing access to the tank
  • 2 inch suction tube access

Toughest Tanks!

You can trust Rapid Spray’s strong and impact resistant poly fuel tanks with your precious fuel.Watch this tank bashing video showing how strong our tanks are!

Ideal for Utes

With lifting handles front & rear, tank grooves for easy strap-down & brass inserts for mounting underneath the tank, the Genius range of different shapes and sizes of tanks are designed to fit on your Ute tray with whatever else you may be carrying.

Secure three-point locking system

With the Genius tank’s padlockable cover, filler cap & gun holder, you can be rest assured these great features are going to turn away anyone who may be interested in your fuel!
Sit back with Rapid Spray Ray and watch some would-be thieves try break into the Genius!

great range of sizes and shapes

The Genius tank comes in a great range of sizes and dimensions offering low profile tanks so you can still see out your rear vision mirror, slimline tanks ideal for fitting in-between toolboxes & squat tanks giving you more floor space on the back of your vehicle

*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry