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Fully Draining sumps

Rapid Spray’s sprayer tanks are designed and manufactured with sloped bottoms and sumps for maximum drainage of liquid and easy flow drainage. Smooth interiors enable the complete evacuation and decontamination of tanks. Our tanks are made with a special blend of polypropylene to allow their use for the broadest range of liquids. They can be used for plain water, molasses and the harshest chemicals.

Fully Draining sumps

Impervious to most chemicals

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene specifically formulated for chemical spray tanks, our farm spray tanks boast a load rating of 1.3:1 Specific Gravity capable of transporting liquid fertilisers and some molasses mixes.
Watch this video now on why Press Haulage use Rapid Spray’s tanks for bulk fertiliser transport!

Engineered Frames

Ensure your Rapid Spray tank is correctly mounted and supported by investing in a heavy-duty steel frame engineered by one of Australia’s most trusted spray tank manufacturers. Our galvanised steel frames offer superior durability and security and are designed for a pin mount system, the strongest mounting system to date.

Engineered Frames
Code Tank Size Frame Dimensions Dry Weight
PTSS00100TT 100L No 815 L x 450 W 595 H 9kg
PTSS00200TT 200L No 940 L x 600 W x 725 H 12kg
PTSS00300ATT 300AL No 940 L x 600 W x 925 H 17kg
PTSS00300TT 300L No 1260 L X 590 W x 755 H 17kg
PTSS00400TT 400L No 900 L x 820 W x 950 H 20kg
PTSS00600TT 600L No 1250 L x 820 W x 950 H 28kg
PTSS01200TT 1200L No 1700 L x 1170 W x 950 H 50kg
PTSS02000TT 2000L No 1700 L x 1170 W x 1460 H 90kg

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry