400L Genius Diesel Unit with Pump Cover

*Due to the manufacturing process these photos may not be an accurate depiction of this product. 


Our famous Genius diesel units are the most popular ute-mount refuelling systems, featuring 2-point locking system for protection against theft!


  48 kg
  1150L x 820W x 780H mm

Additional information

Weight48 kg
Dimensions1150 × 820 × 780 mm


Pump size

40LPM, 45LPM, 45LPM 24V, 60LPM, 60LPM 24V

Flow Meter

No Flow Meter, Electronic Flow Meter


Can I walk away from my diesel tank while pumping?

No. If you leave your pump and your tank runs dry, it will ruin the pump. The pump requires the lubrication from the diesel to pump efficiently. This is not covered by warranty.

Can the way battery clips are installed impact the running of the pump?

Yes. If you install the battery clips on backwards, this makes the pump run backwards, breaking the vanes inside the pumping house. This will ruin the pump and not covered under warranty.