Our tough Rapid Spray Poly Tanks...

"We have a 3,000 litre Rapid Spray poly spray tank which is almost 20 years old. The tank was permanently mounted on a trailer, and primarily used for fire fighting. For the first 15 years of it's life the fire fighting unit was used every day from the beginning of June through to mid December - this was when we used to burn sugar cane every day prior to harvesting. Occasionally fires would be out of control on a neighbouring farm and we had to get there as quickly as possible. During these times the trailer was hauled as fast as the tractor would pull it, bouncing over very rough terrain, creek beds, wash-outs, through cane paddocks etc. After 19 years the tank developed an approximately 4” crack. We thought this was the end of it's life given the rough treatment it endured trying to reach the fires in record time before too much damage was done. So we bought a new 4,000 litre Rapid Spray tank. What do we do with the old tank? The only option, so we thought, was to smash it up and bury it! We got stuck into it with a 14lb sledge hammer, only to find the harder we hit it the faster the hammer bounced back at us, and amazingly the crack did not grow any bigger. At this point we realised that maybe there is still some life left in the old tank. We called Rapid Spray and they supplied welding material to repair the crack. The repair was successful and we now look forward to another 20 years of service from the old tank."

Phillip and Dave Blackburn
Sugar Cane Farmers
North Eton, Queensland

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How Rapid Spray Ball Baffles improved tanker stability for Russell’s Earthmoving...

“In February 2012 we bought a Rapid Spray 13,000 litre poly cartage tank for road watering in our earthmoving business. We were a bit concerned about ? due to the height of the tank, so we went to Rapid Spray and purchased 325 ball baffles and fitted them. The improvement to stability was incredible. Dick, the driver, couldn’t understand why it didn’t rock with the ball baffles even though the tank is higher than our steel tank. What we noticed most was there was no sideways rocking. The steel tank rocks even though it has fixed baffles in it! The Ball Baffles are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone using a water cart.”

John Russell
Proprietor of Russell’s Earthmoving
Merriwa, New South Wales

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Rapid Spray's 95 litre Spot Ranger is put to the test...

“Over the weekend I used the sprayer for well over 3 hours consistently and found it operated flawlessly. I used both the spray gun that comes with the spray unit and also hooked it up to a small 4 nozzle boom spray. It operated without any problems whatsoever when put under pressure. In terms of features, I found the hose wrap and spray gun clips made it easy to keep the hose & gun neat and tidy whilst moving around the paddock between jobs. The hose is a good length as well. Similar units I have come across have longer hoses and I have found that a bit cumbersome and unnecessary for the work I do with these style of spray units. The drain plug is a good feature as well, allowing for proper cleaning of the tank and the complete removal of any left over liquid/chemical in the spray tank. Other spay units I have used don’t have this feature making cleaning out a pain in the neck! The pump and electrics worked well and were very manageable. I didn’t have any trouble with the electrics interfering with the quad in any way. All in all, I would be very happy to buy one of these units for my own use. They represent good value for money and I would give it a rating of 9 out of 10.” 

Chris Hartl
Western Australia

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