Living Proof

The all-new SprayScout is living proof that any weed can be tamed. Made with lightweight materials, it can be easily placed on a UTV, meaning that you’ll be able to get to all those hard to reach spots, eliminating weeds at their source.

SprayScout Learn the benefits of the SprayScout

Tangle Proof

The all-new Buddy Smart Reel is your 'tangle proof' solution to spraying the most stubborn weeds in the trickiest of places. Featuring a four-roller hose guide for smooth free running hose, a 'My Pace' auto-rewind remote with a 2km radius, and an impressive 3 year warranty, it's the Buddy that's always got your back!

Smart Reel Watch as RapidSpray Ray shows us how to use the Smart Reel!

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