01 Dec 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth

Australia’s premier manufacturer and distributer of VDA certified AdBlue have
found the perfect solution to costly repairs and maintenance to corroding and
rusting tanks – poly liquid transport tanks from Rapid Spray.

Some tanks when used for storing and transporting AdBlue
or diesel are prone to rust and corrosion. This is caused not only by the liquid
itself, but by a build-up of condensation in the tank with moisture ingress
partly due to the heating and cooling of the tank during normal operation. The
expansion and contraction creates a vacuum inside the tank that draws in more moisture
from the outside air, resulting in rust and corrosion.

The increased temperatures seen in most
types of metal tanks causes moisture to condense at the bottom of the tank (and
in some applications sit below the diesel) resulting in further rust. Once this
rust begins to flake off into the liquid, any filter present in the tank will
become blocked, flow will be restricted, and pumps may be damaged. Also, small
fragments of rust will potentially find their way into the liquid contaminating

Contamination by small fragments of rust in diesel or
AdBlue can cause lasting damage to the vehicle. The best case scenario will see
poor performance or in the worst case, internal damage can be caused to the
injection system and result in costly repairs. 

As poly tanks never rust or corrode, this problem is
alleviated. Poly tanks maintain a more stable temperature, meaning that little
condensation is produced. Filters remain clean and pumps are free from fragments
of deteriorating surfaces allowing them to continue to work at full capacity.

tanks are also incredibly lightweight, meaning a greater payload when
transporting liquid of any kind and can also be upgraded with Rapid Spray’s
ball baffle system for reduced slosh and surge when the vehicle is in motion –
meaning greater operator comfort and safety plus reduced wear and tear on

in sizes to suit any vehicle and budget, poly liquid transport tanks from Rapid
Spray are the perfect solution as they will never rust and corrode and have
amazing impact resistance – ideal for coping with chassis twist.

find out more about the range of poly liquid transport tanks from Rapid Spray
click here, or call 1800 011 000 to discuss your needs with a member of the
Rapid Spray team.


*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry