03 Nov 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth
Ball Baffles

The Australian Transport Association (ATA) has released a new publication with recommendations for changes to the specific duties of transport and haulage companies with regards to operator health & safety and fatigue.

The ATA’s submission, which includes 26 recommendations, says any changes should keep in place driver duties applying to fatigue management and states that freight companies must include a provision stating drivers should not begin work if they are fatigued or not fit for duty.

Operators are often required to spend prolonged hours behind the wheel of their vehicles to ensure that goods and delivered within expected timescales. Spending hours in the cab transporting liquid substances can cause operators discomfort and even injury when the slosh and surge of the liquid impacts the cab upon breaking or turning corners.

When liquid is contained within a tank, it moves sloshes around unrestrained apart from the actual tank walls. When a truck and tank are moving, stopping or starting and going around corners, the water develops a wave from one end to the other.

When the wave hits the tank wall at the other end of the tank, the energy of that wave is transferred to the tank and vehicle causing the vehicle to move or rock – which is both unsafe and uncomfortable. This can lead to minor discomfort or even serious injury should the operator need to break suddenly and in some cases result in the driver not being able to continue with their duties.

When ball baffles are fitted to a liquid transport tank, the baffles form what we call a honeycomb with lots of little smooth surfaces at all types of angles that break up the wave formation in the tank which dissipates the wave energy and thereby prevents the surge effect of unbaffled tanks.

Ball baffles control water movement (sloshing) in every direction which means that the load on the truck behaves like a solid load. This honeycomb system provides greater handling predictability plus improved driver control and a vast improvement in braking control and reduced braking distance. Another added benefit of the ball baffle system is lower vehicle maintenance costs with reduced wear and tear on brakes, suspension and drivetrain.

To see the ball baffle system in action, click here to view the video.

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