15 Sep 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth
Broad leaved docks

The Broad-leaved Dock is a frequently occurring weed that targets lucerne, orchards, pastures, roadsides, drains, streams, swamps, grasslands, woodlands, hops, irrigated crops and disturbed areas.

Occurring frequently in pasture during the establishment stages and also in pasture where poor drainage or water-logging present problems at some time during the year, Broad-leaved Dock can cause clogging in drainage channels and also complete for space in desired crops.

In some cases, Broad-leaved Docks have been known to cause oxalate poisoning due to the harmful levels of potentially toxic oxalate present in the weed.

Broad-leaved Docks can easily be identified by the solid stems that form a rosette at the base and wide, blueish-green oblong or oval veined leaves. The weed also produces small fruits that can float in water and can become entangled in the wool or fur of passing animals. The tiny seeds contained within the fruit are often consumed by livestock and are passed in a viable condition, leading to further infestations. Should the root system of Broad-leaved Docks be disturbed, the roots reshoot and the plant is able to re-establish itself.

Also spread in contaminated hay and grains, Broad-leaved Docks are able to produce up to 60,000 seeds per plant given then a high potential for further spread where an infestation is present. Seeds germinate in both spring and autumn and must be targeted early as young plants can be highly competitive for space and spread quickly in pastures and crop areas.

Broad-leaved Docks are susceptible to herbicides, however it is imperative that a powerful spray until is used to apply the chemical and ensure complete foliar coverage. With such wide leaves, it is essential that you coat the plants thoroughly so that the herbicide runs from the plants leaves and reaches the root for an effective kill.

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