26 Nov 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth

According to research carried out by the Australian Government in collaboration with the University of NSW, the state is set to experience more frequent and longer lasting heatwaves and worsening weather extremes.

The heatwave projections were released on what was expected to be Sydney’s hottest three-day spell in November in almost eight decades, predict that by 2030 the number of heatwave days per year will increase dramatically to 18 or more. This prediction seems to carry considerable weight as a shift towards hotter weather has already become evident.

These findings are set to cause further problems for landscaping and environmental professionals, who struggle to safeguard against the threat of fire in public parks, forest areas and national parks. As temperatures soar, removing dry plant material that can act as fuel should spot fires occur is a time consuming yet essential task to help reduce the risk of small outbreaks becoming out of control bushfires that will destroy native flora and fauna.

Many landcare professionals carry a portable backpack fire suppression unit that enables them to tackle small spot fires before they get out of hand. The 16 litre FastFlo Fire Fighting Knapsack from Rapid Spray is an ideal piece of equipment for first response fire fighting, spot fire control & managing ember attack.

This handy knapsack fire fighter offers a fast & consistent flow from double action hand pump means you get water onto the fire quickly with a double action chromed brass pump with self-lubricating seals for easy operation, long life durability & immediate pumping even after being unused for long periods.

The tough, UV stabilised tank gives many years of use and has been ergonomically designed for operator comfort and ease of use. Equipped with a convenient carry handle for easy portability, this lightweight knapsack conforms to Australian Standards AS1687 is the ideal piece of fire suppression equipment for targeting spot fires should the threat of fire come calling.

To find out more on the 16 Litre FastFlo Fire Fighting knapsack or call 1800 011 000 to speak to a knowledgeable member of the Rapid Spray team about your fire suppression needs.

*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry