27 Oct 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth
el nino

The unusual warmth experienced by South Australia thanks to El Nino has helped elevate risk risks across much of the region. With the forecast of dry and hot weather forecast to continue, homeowners and land care professionals alike are being urged to reduce the risk of bushfires by ensuring that parks and properties are free from dry leaves, sticks and bracken that could potentially act as a good source of fuel in the event of fire.

The landscape can turn from moist and green to brown and dry very quickly, and so everyone needs to be on their guard and dispose of any garden waste, large compost deposits and dry plant materials as the hot weather is set to continue.

The powerful El Nino building in the Pacific is one influence leading to the forecasts of hotter and drier than average conditions over coming months. The Indian Ocean has also recently begun to reinforce that influence, the bureau said this month. In El Nino years, the typically easterly trade winds of the equatorial Pacific stall or even go into reverse, resulting in reduced rainfall over eastern Australia and areas such as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

By preparing public spaces with fire in mind, this can help prevent the spread in the event that a fire should occur. Remove any dried out materials from the ground and around any buildings and pay particular attention to guttering that has not been cleared for some time.

It may also be a good idea to invest in a small fire-fighting unit as the mains water pressure will drop if fire occurs and everyone rushes to access water to control spot fires or burning embers.

In the event of a bushfire, power is also often lost and due to the increase in demand of water. It is strongly advised that an alternative water source be made available in order to help defend against fire. Items such as a 10,000 litre water tank, a powerful pump that does not require mains power and a quality fire hose can help safeguard properties in the event of a bushfire and can help fire fighters in their attempt to suppress the blaze.

fire-fighting knapsack is an ideal piece of fire-fighting equipment for putting out ember or spot fires. Depending upon the size of the property or public space involved, you could also consider a vehicle mounted fire-fighting unit.

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