22 Sep 2015
Posted by: Russell Firth

The New South Wales Government has released plans to prioritise the reduction of litter throughout the state by 40% by 2020.

Littering harms ecosystems, the natural environment, and is unsightly for both residents and visitors to the area. Linked to anti-social behaviours, littering has become an issue in NSW cities, suburbs and towns throughout the state and can lead to pests that carry disease (such as rats) being attracted to the area where litter is present. 

The NSW community consistently identifies littering as an area of environmental concern. Should the New South Wales Government be successful in their aim to reduce litter by 40% by 2020, the state will overtake Victoria as the least littered state in Australia.

The graph below highlights the volume of litter currently experienced in New South Wales and shows the ambitious 2020 target.


A new container deposit scheme and other waste management initiatives will be put into place in order to achieve the objective of reducing littering and increasing recyclin to help reach this target.

Plans are in place to increase the number of rubbish bins in key areas to encourage individuals to dispose of their litter in the correct manner and safeguard against scavengers and pests. However where litter is present, so too is the risk of germs to disposal personnel and so it is imperative that council operators are equipped with effective tools to disinfect the litter receptacles to ensure safe use for members of the public and council staff.

Disinfecting these vital amenities is common practice in order to keep them clean & hygienic. Effectively sanitising rubbish bins that are used daily by members of the public requires spray equipment for applying the disinfectant.

Although many disinfectant sprayers may seem the same, it is important to remember that many sprayers are not manufactured for use with chemicals and can quickly start to leak due to seal erosion

A reliable disinfectant or chemical sprayer that is specifically designed for those purposes, the Industrial Elite sprayer range from Rapid Spray is manufactured using chemical resistant plastics and seals which will extend the life of the sprayer and be far more reliable than their cheaper, multi-use spray counterparts.

Lightweight, easy to use and clean, the Inter Elite range comes complete with good spray pressure and a broad spray pattern nozzle, which can help complete disinfecting tasks in half the time. These hand pump sprayers that are impervious to chemicals are particularly good value for applying disinfectant

The Industrial Elite sprayer range evens come with a 3 year warranty for additional peace of mind, so you can be assured of excellent value for money.

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