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36M Hose Reel

Easy to unwind, and time-saving to wind up, our fire fighting hose reel complete with 36m of 19mm AS1221 compliant fire hose fits on the Fire Marshal Plus units making your job easier again.

Step-baffled tank

Available in 250L and 400L capacity, these Fire Marshal and Fire Marshal Plus units feature the unique step-baffled tank which lowers the centre of gravity and provides a baffle to help reduce the slosh and surge in the tank

Genuine Honda Engine

All Fire Marshal units feature genuine Honda motors for that famous ‘first-pull’ every time starting experience. Don’t trust your livelihood with anything less!

Genuine Honda Engine


Tank CapacityDescriptionDimensions (mm)Max FlowMax pressure
250LFire Mashal910 (L) x 760 (W) x 700 (H)120L/min75psi
250LFire Mashal Plus with Poly Manual Hose Reel910 (L) x 730 (W) x 1035 (H)120L/min75psi
400LFire Marshal1440 (L) x 760 (W) x 700 (H)120L/min75psi
400LFire Mashal Plus with Poly Manual Hose Reel1440 (L) x 730 (W) x 1035 (H)120L/min75psi

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry