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Why choose Poly for Liquid Fertliser Tanks?

Watch Peter Press explain why he chose to go with Rapid Spray poly tanks for liquid fertiliser transport.


CodeCapacityDimensions (mm)Dry Weight
PTC01000TOH1000L1350 (L) x 1200 (W) x 900 (H)65kg
PTC01200TOH1200L1700 (L) x 1320 (W) x 860 (H) mm77kg
PTC01500TOH1500L1700 (L) x 1320 (W) x 1050 (H)94kg
PTC02000TOH2000L2000 (L) x 1420 (W) x 1070 (H)120kg
PTC02500TOH2500L2000 (L) x 1420 (W) x 1265 (H)125kg
PTC03000TOH3000L2340 (L) x 1520 (W) x 1200 (H)170kg
PTC03400TOH3400L2960 (L) x 1450 (W) x 1230 (H)210kg
PTC04400TOH4400L2960 (L) x 1450 (W) x 1470 (H)220kg
PTC04800TOH4800L2340 (L) x 1550 (W) x 1880 (H)250kg
PTC05000TOH5000L2790 (L) x 2000 (W) x 1400 (H)225kg
PTC06000TOH6000L2790 (L) x 2000 (W) x 1556 (H)330kg
PTC07000TOH7000L3250 (L) x 1920 (W) x 1640 (H)325kg
PTC08000TOH8000L3250 (L) x 1900 (W) x 1890 (H)400kg
PTC10000TOH10000L3600 (L) x 2250 (W) x 1850 (H)475kg
PTC13000TOH13000L3600 (L) x 2250 (W) x 2280 (H)630kg
PTC13000ATOH13000L (Low Profile)4000 (L) x 2350 (W) x 1900 (H)585kg
PTC15000TOH15000L4000 (L) x 2350 (W) x 2120 (H)660kg

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry