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Huge range

Rapid Spray manufacture a large range of sizes to suit your needs, from large 15,000L truck mount cartage tanks, down to space saving 200L and 400L tanks that are ideal for those tight spots between toolboxes, or up against your headboard while using minimal deck space.

Huge range

Toughest Tanks!

Impervious to the toughest conditions, our tanks have the most extraordinary impact resistant qualities. Our speciailised poly manufacturing process maximises strength with minimal weight resulting in greater payload.

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Australian Made

Rapid Spray specialise in manufacturing poly tanks and have been for over 25 years. As specialists in the field, we only use the best poly enhanced with our unique in-built Flexi-Link technology giving our tanks the strength and flex to handle those truck chassis twists and movements that happen in tough operating conditions.

Australian Made


SizeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
20LActive Water Cartage Tank590320280
50LActive Water Cartage Tank800430390
100LActive Water Cartage Tank900450475
220LActive Water Cartage Tank1000650600
400LActive Water Cartage Tank11901050500
400LMarshal Plus Water Cartage Tank1475755695
600LActive Water Cartage Tank11901050735
800LActive Water Cartage Tank13501200690
1000LActive Water Cartage Tank13501200900
1200LActive Water Cartage Tank17001320860
1500LActive Water Cartage Tank170013201050
2000LActive Water Cartage Tank200014201070
2500LActive Water Cartage Tank200014201265
3000LActive Water Cartage Tank234015201200
3400LActive Water Cartage Tank296014501230
4400LActive Water Cartage Tank296014501470
4800LActive Water Cartage Tank234015501880
5000LActive Water Cartage Tank279020001400
6000LActive Water Cartage Tank279020001556
7000LActive Water Cartage Tank325019201640
8000LActive Water Cartage Tank362020701560
10000LActive Water Cartage Tank360022501850
13000LActive Water Cartage Tank360022501850
13000LActive Low Profile Water Cartage Tank400023501900
15000LActive Water Cartage Tank400023502120

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry