7L RapidMix Chemical Tank | 95L RapidMix Only

Ever wanted to swap your chemical out to a different chemical in the middle of spraying? Now you can with the all new RapidMix clean tank technology!


With separate chemical and main water tanks, the RapidMix sprayer mixes the chemical as they exit the spray gun meaning no more messy and wasteful pre-mixing of chemicals!


Purchase additional chemical tanks so you can have multiple chemicals set up, ready to go for when you next need to spray without needing to clean your RapidMix every time you want to change chemicals!


To confirm stock or lead time please contact us or visit your local dealer.


*7L tank to suit 95L RapidMix Spot Sprayer ONLY. The 7L tank does not fit the 57L tank.



  1.5 kg
  553L x 222W x 159H mm

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions553 × 222 × 159 mm