MyPace Buddy Smart Reel Remote

  • For Smart Buddy Reels Serial No SB1000 onwards
  • Black rubber sides
  • Supplied with 2 AA batteries
  • 915Mhz




Does this come with batteries?

Yes, two AA batteries are supplied.

What radio range do these remotes work?

These remotes work up to 2km away.

How do I pair my 'MyPace' remote to my Buddy Smart Reel?

1. Stand within reach of the Buddy® Reel switch panel.
2. Ensure the reel is powered and switched on.
3. Remove the batteries from the remote.
4. Press both buttons on the remote and insert the batteries while holding the buttons.
5. Green lights will flash slowly on the remote and the display on the switch panel on the
reel will slowly flash PA.
6. Within 10 seconds, press the manual rewind button on the reel switch panel.
7. Successful pairing will be acknowledged by the display on the switch panel flashing
PA fast for a few seconds then return to a steady 0. (The green light on the remote may
continue to flash slowly for a few more seconds then stop).
8. After the green light on the remote stops flashing, press either button to confirm that
the reel is responding.