It's Smart!

Buddy Smart reel’s digital display allows the operator to read codes for radio gear, power supply, diagnosis & troubleshooting. Some of the other Smart features of the Buddy are;
Easy Hose Management system: compensates for increasing walking speed as spool builds up allowing operator to walk at an even pace.
Close-To-Home slow down: winding speed slows down as you approach the spray unit to prevent injury
Free Spool Tension adjustment: allows you to adjust the tension when pulling hose out whilst prevents excess hose from unwinding

Lightweight & compact

Now you can carry more on your UTV with thanks to the lightweight & compact Buddy Smart Reel! 150m Buddy only weighs 35kg, and the 30m weighs 21kg allowing you to have a larger capacity sprayer on board saving time spent coming back and refilling your sprayer

Lightweight & compact

Maintenance free

No belts, chains or pulley’s? No need with the Buddy Smart reel! Direct drive brushless DC motor means you have zero maintenance, gives you more torque at lower speeds and is more reliable.

No aerials required with the Buddy Smart Reel as all radio gear is built into the reel & has a 2km line-of-sight range!

Designed and made in Australia, we back our Buddy Reels with a 3 year warranty giving you peace of mind

Maintenance free


CodeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Weight
ATHB050M1050M Buddy Smart Reel525 (L) x 238 (W) x 535 (H)23kg
ATHB100M10100M Buddy Smart Reel705 (L) x 272 (W) x 705 (H)30kg
ATHB150M10150M Buddy Smart Reel705 (L) x 272 (W) x 705 (H)35kg

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*Made from Australian and Imported Componentry