Rapid Spray offers products and services that reflect our motto ‘designed to perform better’. As a trusted cartage tank manufacturer, we see to it that our products are proven and tested to offer quality performance on the field every day. Our cartage tanks come with industry-leading warranties and our processes adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001. View our range for some of the best cartage tanks for sale in Australia.

Water Cartage Tanks

Our water cartage tanks are manufactured for liquids with a Specific Gravity of 1.1: 1. They are made with food grade material making them suitable for potable water delivery. These tanks are UV and impact resistant and come with a 15-year warranty, ensuring they are with you for the long haul.

Heavy Duty Liquid Cartage Tanks

Our range of heavy-duty cartage tanks are made for liquids with a Specific Gravity of 1.3: 1. Theses tanks are suitable for liquids heavier than water such as relatively lighter molasses and fertiliser products. They come in a wide size range from 20 to 15,000L and all are impervious to the toughest conditions.

Fertiliser & Molasses Cartage Tanks

Rapid Spray fertiliser and molasses cartage tanks have the strength to carry a load with a Specific Gravity rating of 1.6: 1. We have sizes ranging from 1,000L to 15,000L in single compartment tanks. With our ultra-heavy duty cartage tanks, you can transport fertiliser & molasses with no worries.

Modular Cartage Tanks

Our FlexConnex Modular Tank System offers limitless possibilities. It features a two-way baffle system that limits its longitudinal and sideways movement allowing maximum fluid stability during transport. As a modular system, it allows you to add units together as your transporting needs grow.